Jasper Rouwen 

Paintings and sculptures 

In his work Jasper Rouwen aims at exploring the human condition of duality by giving

material form to different pairs of opposites, or balancing these into a unified work of art. These dualities, such as order and chaos, lightness and darkness, consciousness and unconsciousness, or solidity and fluidity stem from his interest in psychology, religion, myth, alchemy and metaphysics. Rouwen's practice is made up of a combination of mediums,which he uses for different outcomes. His studio works allow him to understand and comprehend the dualities he is working with, whilst recording them within matter, such as

stone, wood, water, soil and clay for his biomorphic sculptures, and cotton and linen for his colour field paintings. Using this understanding Rouwen goes out of the studio and into the world to conjure his in-situ installations. Unlike his studio works, which are frozen in time and preserved, his installations are performative and depict a visual battle or dance. By employing the material language of their environment to which they react and change, Rouwen aims for his installations not to impose upon, but instead become part of their location. Ephemeral as they are, they live a life and die a death, and are never fully recorded.

They belong to the space they are in and only leave it in the photographs the artist takes, or in the memory of the viewer who experiences them.