ChinnoeVlemmix - Expo Bakenes Lily LR
Béla Teiwes & Jasper Rouwen
Rietveld Academy
Paintings and sculptures 
28 augustus - 12 september 2021


'Beyond Gold'

Chinnoe&Vlemmix (fotografie)

Inge Bečka (keramiek)

18 - 26 september 2021


Paul Smulders (schilderijen)

Tijdens Kunstlijn Haarlem 

6 & 7 november 2021





Béla Teiwes en Jasper Rouwen 

Under the Water

Above the water there is land, earth, form and order. Everything is defined and
everything has a shape.

Under the water, things are different, more blurred and less defined.
How would it feel to go deeper?
The deeper you go, the darker it gets.

For there is less sense down here, where the unknown likes to hide. 

We will all have to go there,sometimes, until our breath runs out.

What a fuzzy fuzz, there is water in my eyes.  
                                                I can’t see. 
There is only feeling, weight and heaviness.
But, there is something down here. 

Oh baby, is this your hand I am touching?

De tentoonstelling is te zien van 28 augustus tot en met 12 september. 

Galerie Bakenes is geopend op vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 12.00 - 18.00.

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